How To Register E-Cycle App

Oct 31, 2022
2 min

How To Register E-Cycle App 

Download E-Cycle: 

On your device, open the App Store or Google Play Store and search "E-Cycle Life" to download the application.



After successfully downloading the E-Cycle app to your phone, open the app and start registration

How to join: 

1 - Register an account at the E-Cycle app

2 - Sign up with your Email

3 - Select "Send Code" and enter the code from your Email ( Try again in 60 seconds if you didn't receive the code)

4 - Create a password for your account to log in

5 - Enter Referral Code (if any)

6 - Allow App to use device features (Notification-Allow location)

All done!!! You can now log in with Verification Code or your Password!

About E-Cycle:

E-Cycle is a Web3 lifestyle application which creates a platform for users to enter Social-Fi and Metaverse, especially Sport Metaverse.

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