Welcome, E-Cyclers From Across The World!

Oct 14, 2022
4 min read

Howdy and welcome to the E-cycle world!

This is the smart choice when you can earn the handsome rewards of E-Cycle. 

Whether you are a newbie or have experience in cryptocurrency projects, E-Cycle always offers you the best benefits and connections to where you belong.

How do you get started with us?

Step 1: Download the E-Cycle app

On your device, open the App Store or Google Play Store and search "E-Cycle Life" to download the application.

Download E-Cycle for Android here:


Download E-Cycle for iOS fastest here:


Step 2: Registration

Step 3: Start Mining

Woohoo! You are in Team Mining. Let’s earn EE for FREE.

1 - Start Mining

Click to start a mining session. The mining session resets every 2 hours (12 mining sessions per day).

2 - Nominal Balance

The nominal balance is the total EE balance that you mined, but this is not the actual balance you can utilize. To make your nominal balance becomes valued, you need to convert it into in-app spending. Once you have passed our KYC, and also other Boosters (your teammates) have passed KYC, the number of your earnings as well as the referral bonus obtained from your KYC-ed Boosters will be converted into in-app spending with the exchange rate 1:1. 

3 - Invite your friends to get more

For each download the App and successfully register, you will have one more member to join in the Team. Each friend active on the same mining session will increase the user's explorer by 25%.

4 - Bonus Extra Rate 

To increase your mining power, there are 2 types of tasks: Power Up (Mining) and Ping your team. These tasks will reset after 24h (UTC) 6 times per day.

Now, Let’s join us.